As University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff looked forward to gathering again fully in-person beginning in Autumn Quarter 2021, continuing research projects, classes, and other activities – a mix of remote and, increasingly, on-campus over June, July, August, and now into September – made for a very busy summer. As this issue of Dialogo highlights, programs like SSD’s Summer Institute in Social Research Methods, research assistantships, and internships introduce the next generation of social scientists to the breadth and depth of our remarkable fields.

In these first few days of the new academic term, we rejoin one another in classrooms, hallways, labs, and the Quads, with the joy of being all together after a challenging year. Kimberly Hoang, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, offered this year’s Aims of Education, a College tradition during Orientation Week. As she emphasized to the incoming first years, research and inquiry can be deeply influenced by the relationships we develop. As we welcome this year’s incoming cohorts of PhD and MA students, as well as faculty new to SSD, this holds especially true.

I am pleased that we are finally at this moment and am excited for what we will accomplish together, as public health conditions continue to improve. In addition to Dialogo and the SSD website, please keep up-to-date on our latest news, research findings, and events by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

With best wishes,

Amanda Woodward
Dean, Division of the Social Sciences
William S. Gray Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology