Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Dialogo. This issue takes a look at the whole human, across our lifespan, through the lens of UChicago Social Science research. "In the City, In the Field," provides a closer look at the work of faculty making an impact in the lives of their young research subjects: from what it takes to make a truly "ambitious elementary school" to understanding the particular problems of gang-affiliated city kids to designing support systems for students who witness, or are victims of, violence. "More Than Just a Number," delves into the research of three faculty members who study aging. They are uncovering the factors that impact quality of life and how old you feel versus your numerical age. It turns out, some very fundamental lifestyle conditions can have a dramatic impact on your wellbeing as you age. For example, the neighborhood you live in can add years to your life! Both features shine a spotlight on interdisciplinary, collaborative work—a hallmark of the Division. The issue has much more to explore. To name just a few, there's story about a current PhD student who is carrying forward work first established in a 50 year-old thesis, a Q&A with alumni author Louis Kaplan, PhD'88 on his new book about photography and humor, and a glimpse into the Special Collections exhibit Tensions in Renaissance Cities that might surprise you. 

One additional note: We are particularly excited about this issue's cover illustration by artist Mike Ellis as it captures the life cycle of not only the individual but of communities. If you look closely, you can discern the shadows of vials and beakers behind the buildings—an analogy for the longstanding UChicago tradition of neighborhoods providing the laboratories for researchers to better understand the nuances of real life. 

As always, we are eager to include more items for our alumni news, feedback, and books sections. Please be sure to contact us with your updates.

Warm Regards,

Renee Basick
Director of Public Engagement
Division of the Social Sciences
The University of Chicago 




Chicago sociology furthers its legacy of discovering new knowledge in the city’s neighborhoods. Illustration by Mike Ellis.


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