Halil Inalcik, 1916-2016

Prof. Halil Inalcik, a preeminent expert on the Ottoman Empire who trained two generations of scholars in the United States and Turkey, died on July 25. He was 100 years old.

Alison Winter, AB'87 (History & HIPSS), 1965-2016

Prof. Alison Winter, a historian of science and medicine whose book on memory won the University of Chicago Press’s top honor, died late June of a brain tumor. She was 50 years old.

Paul Friedrich, 1927-2016

Prof. Paul W. Friedrich, anthropologist, linguist and poet, died August 11 at age 88. His scholarship ranged from agrarian reform to lyric poetry to parallels between Walden and Hindu scripture.

Charles E. Bidwell, LAB'46, AB'5O, MA'53, PhD'56 (Education), 1932–2016

Prof. Charles E. Bidwell, a sociologist of education, died November 6 at age 84. He was a lifelong Hyde Parker.

Janellen Huttenlocher, 1932-2016

Janellen Huttenlocher, William S. Gray professor emeritus of Psychology and a founder of the field of cognitive psychology died November 19 at age 84.

Jim Davis, 1929-2016

James A. Davis, Sociologist and Founder of the General Social Survey (GSS) died on September 29.



Mobin Shorish, PhD'72 (Education)

Scholar and expert in Central Asian and Slavic Studies


Susan J. Tolchin, AM'62 (Political Science), 1941-2016

Obituary: Scholar Who Focused on Women in Politics Dies at 75

Richard R. Beeman, PhD'68 (History), 1942-2016

Penn History Professor, Constitution Center Trustee Dies at 74

Paul Michael Green, AM'66 (History), PhD'76 (History), 1943-2016

Chicago Pundit, Political Author, Educator Paul Green Dies at 73

John R. Coleman, AM'49 (Economics), PhD'50 (Economics), 1921-2016

Garbage Collector, Cook, and Haverford College’s Ninth President Dies at 95

H. Thomas James, PhD'58 (Education), 1915-2016

Former Stanford Education Dean Dies at 101