Winter/Spring 2018


Robert McCormick Adams, 1926-2018

Professor Robert McCormick Adams, the Harold H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, former provost, and Oriental Institute director, passed away January 27 at the age of 91.

John T. Cacioppo, 1951-2018

Prof. John T. Cacioppo, a pioneer and founder of the field of social neuroscience whose research on loneliness helped to transform psychology and neuroscience, passed away on March 5. He was 66.

Moishe Postone, 1942-2018

Professor Moishe Postone, a scholar of 19th- and 20th-century European intellectual history and one of the world’s leading interpreters of Karl Marx, passed away on March 19. He was 76.

Milton Rosenberg, 1925-2018

Professor Emeritus Milton J. Rosenberg, a longtime scholar at the University of Chicago and revered radio show host, passed away January 9 at the age of 92.