Division faculty were frequently called as expert commenters for news articles across outlets and disciplines, including these examples:

How the U.S. cornered the market for skilled immigrants
The Washington Post - June 20, 2018
Associate Professor Ufuk Akcigit, Economics, examines how immigrants respond to taxation

Short of Workers, Fast-Food Restaurants Turn to Robots
Wall Street Journal - June 24, 2018
Professor Magne Mogstad, Economics, discusses automated restaurants

Desk, swivel chair, trees: Why companies are moving the office outdoors
USA Today - June 28, 2018
Professor Marc Berman, Psychology, explains the advantages of bringing nature indoors

Under Trump, America's influence in the western Pacific may be on the decline
Los Angeles Times - June 29, 2018
Professor Bruce Cumings, History, discusses the relationship between North Korea and the United States

If a reshaped Supreme Court tosses abortion decisions back to states, several would move fast to outlaw the procedures
Los Angeles Times - June 28, 2018
Associate Professor Gerald Rosenberg, Political Science, discusses state laws regulating abortion

In Wisconsin visit, Trump praises Foxconn factory and again warns Harley-Davidson
Chicago Tribune - June 28, 2018
Assistant Professor Robert Gulotty, Political Science, discusses U.S. trade policy and tariffs

Young Leftist Candidates Are Breathing New Radicalism Into Stale Climate Politics
The Intercept - July 5, 2018
Study by GenForward at the University of Chicago finds that millennials prefer strong government

Where Did the Radical Right Come From?
New York Times - July 6, 2018
Article reviews book by Assistant Professor Kathleen Belew, History

These surprising countries could emerge as the heroes of NATO — and the liberal world order
The Washington Post - July 10, 2018
In op-ed, Assistant Professor Paul Poast, Political Science, discusses the future of NATO

Poland may forcibly ‘retire’ dozens of Supreme Court justices
The Washington Post - July 10, 2018
In op-ed, Associate Professor Monika Nalepa, Political Science, examines judicial reforms in Poland

A study of Uber drivers found that workplace flexibility may not close the gender pay gap
The Washington Post - July 9, 2018
Professor John List, Economics, examines gender pay gap among Uber drivers

How Trump’s ‘bullying’ approach might affect NATO
PBS NewsHour - July 11, 2018
Professor John Mearsheimer, Political Science, analyzes President Trump’s behavior and its potential effects on NATO

The U.S. military is trying to manage foreign conflicts — not resolve them. Here’s why.
The Washington Post - July 16, 2018
In op-ed, Associate Professor Paul Staniland, Political Science, explains violence management strategies in the U.S. military

Pakistan Heads Into Its Most Controversial Election in Years
Bloomberg - July 24, 2018
Associate Professor Paul Staniland, Political Science, discusses current military crackdown in Pakistan

White, and in the minority
The Washington Post - July 30, 2018
Assistant Professor René Flores, Sociology, analyzes group identity among white individuals in rural Pennsylvania

Is socialism making a comeback?
MPR News - July 30, 2018
Professor Cathy Cohen, Political Science, analyzes the rise of socialism in America

As China’s Woes Mount, Xi Jinping Faces Rare Rebuke at Home
New York Times - July 31, 2018
Professor Dali Yang, Political Science, examines propaganda in China around trade

Adding Up the Cost of Climate Change in Lost Lives
The Wall Street Journal - August 1, 2018
Article discusses Professor Michael Greenstone’s, Economics, study estimating the cost of climate change

Let’s Not Talk About Sex
The Nation - August 2, 2018
Professor Cathy Cohen, Political Science, discusses findings of recent GenForward survey of millennials regarding LGBTQ individuals and homosexuality

The market's record bull run relies on rocket fuel
Axios - August 19, 2018
History’s Jonathan Levy explains economic growth and income creation