Alumni News

Yevgen Sautin, AM'15 (International Relations)

won a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to pursue a doctorate in modern Chinese history next year at the University of Cambridge. Read more.

Kenneth Miranda, AM'83, PhD'86 (Economics)

selected to run Cornell University's $6 billion endowment. Read more.

Margaret Deirdre Hawthorne, LAB'74, AM'80 (International Relations)

named new US Consul General to Curacao. Read more.

Mauro Alem, AM'99, PhD'03 (Economics) & Julio Elias, AM'01, PhD'05 (Economics)

have won the prestigious “Rommel Acevedo Latin American Award on Development Banking” from The Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) for their paper “The Current Role and the Future of Development Banking.” Their paper is based on their experience managing BICE, a development bank in Argentina, where Alem was President and Elias was Chief Economist of the institution.

Claudia Goldin, AM'69, PhD'72 (Economics)

won the IZA prize in Labor Economics for her work on the economic history of women in education and the labor market. The prize will be formally awarded at the AEA in Chicago on January 6, 2017. Read more.

Juanita Lott AM ’73 (Sociology)

featured in the documentary, Agents of Change, which includes “the 1968-1969 student and faculty strike at San Francisco State and its legacy in terms of greater access to higher education and the mainstream workforce for traditionally excluded populations. It is juxtaposed with the 1969 Black Student Union takeover of the Student Union building at Cornell University.”