Alumni Feedback

Kathryn Mason AM ’75 (Comparative Human Development) PhD ’87 (Behavioral Sciences) wrote with an observation relating to Dean David Nirenberg’s opening report in "Myriad Methods":

I liked the theme of the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Dialogo, but think you missed a great opportunity to point out that the University has been encouraging research taking multiple perspectives and methods for over 50 years.  This issue could well have been dedicated to Don Fiske (UC) and Don Campbell’s (Northwestern) 1959 article: "Convergent and discriminant validation by the multitrait-multimethod matrix" in the March 1959 issue of the Psychological Bulletin (VOL. 56, No.2).  Anyone who studied in Comparative Human Development probably read the article and many of us had the advantage of consulting with Don Fiske.

We would like to add that the 2017 Donald W. Fiske Distinguished Lecture presented each spring by the Department of Psychology will take place on campus on March 9, 2017. The speaker with be Dr. Anthony G. Greenwald, Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, with a lecture entitled ‘Implicit Social Cognition.’

Norman T. Moline, AM'66, PhD'70  (Geography) wrote recently about the importance of the role of Geography at the University, saying that it started as an academic university discipline in the US at UChicago:

When I arrived as a student in 1964, it was ranked number one, a ranking it retained through my six years at the University. Alongside Michael Conzen, a distinguished historical geographer, Marvin Mikesell (my advisor) was already one of the leading cultural geographers in our discipline when I arrived in 1964.  It [Geography] was one of the many disciplines at UC which clearly helped put the university 'on the map.'

Moline adds: a discipline which sometimes is very much a natural science and sometimes is very much a social science, its [Geography's] home base in UC campus structure was in the Social Sciences.

Thank you to those alumni, including Gerard Rauluk, AB'74, AM'77 (History) in Hyde Park and Jennifer Platt, AM'64 (Sociology) writing from Brighton in the UK, who pointed out that we appeared to be confused as to our masculine and feminine cases. On page 11 of the printed version of the Spring/Summer 2016 edition of Dialogo it should have read "In Memoriam" not "In Memorium."