Dear alumni and friends of the Division of the Social Sciences,

In May, President Robert J. Zimmer announced that The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact target of $5 billion has been achieved, with seven months remaining in the Campaign. This remarkable accomplishment was possible only with your support and engagement, and we are deeply grateful for your commitment throughout the campaign.

As you know, the campaign’s public phase began in 2014 with an original goal of raising $4.5 billion to support innovative scholarship and educational opportunities, and the University’s commitment to impact locally and globally. With increasing aspirations for our research, education, and impact across the University, and the tangible deep commitment of our alumni, parents, and friends, the campaign target was increased in 2017 to $5 billion. Funds raised in support of the Division of the Social Sciences make up a notable portion of the overall totals. To date, we have reached $264M, far exceeding both the initial goal of $134M and the revised goal of $240M.

At the campaign launch, the University also announced our goal to engage 125,000 of our alumni by 2019. We met this goal a year ahead of schedule, and today we have engaged 128,568 alumni, representing over 70 percent of our 180,000 living alumni. As a Division, the Social Sciences set an ambitious goal to engage 10,500 SSD alumni, which is 55 percent of our living alumni base. To date we have surpassed that goal by engaging 10,920 SSD alumni, exceeding our target at 104 percent progress.

We join President Zimmer and Dean Amanda Woodward in thanking all who have given their support. With seven months before the end of the campaign, there are more opportunities and there is still more to do. Please join in our efforts by making a gift today. With your help, building on these successes, we will carry through to a strong finish.

With best wishes,

Brook S. Payner, AB '79, AM '81, PhD'87
Chair, Division of the Social Sciences Council

Margaret M. Mueller, AM '97
Division of Social Sciences Alumni Board Member
President & Chief Executive Officer, The Executives’ Club of Chicago